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Short Term Loans

Short term loans are usually for the problems which life throws our way. Perhaps your car needed urgent repair, home improvements had to be made, or funds didn’t quite last until payday. No matter the situation, it usually doesn’t take long for short term loans to become unmanageable.

When this occurs, the interest rates alone can become crippling. Paying these off can feel like a struggle while the idea of clearing the loan completely often seems unlikely.

However, there is a way out – a way to stop climbing interest rates and restore financial control. You can make short term loans a thing of the past through debt consolidation.

Set yourself free with debt consolidation

Although multiple short term loans can keep individuals in a prison of debt, you can consolidate all these obligations into one affordable, monthly payment through Consolidation Express. Our advisors help hundreds of people every day and regularly hear stories about short term loans.

They don’t judge, they don’t preach, they just want to help – and they could assist you as well.

With debt consolidation you can:


Stop calls from creditors

Stop relying on others for money

Invoices easier to manage

Regain financial control

Have disposable income in your account

Keep track of your payments

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