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Consolidate your credit card debt

In less than a decade, it’s predicted that around 60 million credit card transactions will occur in the UK every day. This statistic, whether it proves to be accurate or not, demonstrates how important credit cards are in our daily lives.

Many people are drawn into credit cards through special offers or low-introductory rates. However, as these typically only last for a limited period, they are surprised by the spike in interest charges. Before they know it, these fees get out of control – and the idea of paying off the credit card seems like an unrealistic one indeed.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because it’s not a unique situation. It’s a problem faced by thousands of people across the country. It’s also something that our debt consolidation experts deal with every day.

Tame your credit cards through debt consolidation

Through debt consolidation, you can make your credit card worries a thing of the past. By taking out a loan with us – equal to or exceeding the combined value of your debts – you can replace these multiple demands with one, affordable, monthly payment.

With debt consolidation you can:


Stop calls from creditors

Stop relying on others for money

Invoices easier to manage

Regain financial control

Have disposable income in your account

Keep track of your payments

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