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The Truth About Saving Money

There are some myths about saving money that might make you believe that saving money is difficult. However, saving money is not quite as hard as sometimes it is made out to be.

Let’s discuss why you shouldn’t believe everything you hear about how you “should” be saving money…

An image of a money bag labelled Savings.

Myth nr.1 –

“You have to save a set amount each month.”

You have likely heard that if you want to save money it's best to save a set amount of your income per month. However, this is not the case!

How much money you save completely depends on your situation. For example, a month that you have little going on you may save £100. But if the month after, you have a birthday gift to buy, and two meals to attend, it is okay not to save any money that month…

Please don’t feel that you must save large amounts of money each month. Just saving what you can afford will be beneficial to you in the long run. You don’t need to meet other people’s expectations and match other people’s financial actions, the only person that matters here is you!

Myth nr.2 –

“You have to be earning a lot to save.”

This isn’t true!

The truth is that saving what you can is great. Everyone has different a different income, and each persons saving should be proportionate to what they can afford.

Once all your priority bills are paid (i.e mortgage and rent), any leftover money is yours. Therefore, it is up to you how that money is used.

If you can afford to save some then great! If you can’t then that is not an issue, there may be a time that you can in the future.

Myth nr.3 –

“You don’t need to save, if you need money for an emergency, you can just get a loan”

This isn’t a great mentality to have. Saving money is a great way to prepare for the unexpected or perhaps treat yourself when needed.

Taking personal loans every time something unexpected happens may be harmful to your credit score. Additionally, personal loans are often paired with high interest and charges which can make it difficult to make repayments.

Concluding Points

  • Saving money is different for everybody;
  • It is okay to save different amounts each month;
  • You should not compare your saving habits to other people;
  • You should try to save what you can afford each month; just in case you need money fast.
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Need debt help?

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An image of a hand pressing an apply button on a mobile phone screen.

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