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5 Tips to Stay Sane During Coronavirus Isolation

Protecting Your Finances

Due to the coronavirus, millions of us are now in isolation across the country. Whether stuck inside with a few people or not, it’s a huge change to our physical and mental wellbeing. When people endure long periods of isolation, they can report “cabin fever”. Alternatively, they might start going “stir-crazy” – a term describing a deterioration in mental health due to long periods of confinement.

At Consolidation Express, we’re following the health advice set out by the government. We’re doing everything we can to keep our staff members safe and, as a result, many of our employees are now working from home.

To ward off the effects of ‘cabin fever’, several of our team members are taking some simple measures. We’ve shared some of them below if you’re struggling with ideas:


From metal to pop, reggae to rap, we have an eclectic music taste in the office. Staying inside due to the coronavirus in silence is a recipe for disaster. As a result, music is playing almost constantly throughout the day in some of our employees’ houses.

The power of music has long been documented for raising the spirits of those in isolation. For example, when the ship Endurance was abandoned in 1915, the crew was allowed to take two pounds of bare essentials. The one exception to this was a banjo. As was remarked: “it’s vital mental medicine and we shall need it.

Turns out, the crew spent four months living on an island in the South Atlantic waiting for rescue – in an upturned boat. They used the banjo to sing songs every Saturday in concerts.


Using adult colouring books, anyone can do something creative, keep the hands busy, and focus on making something pretty. Many find this relaxing and a good way to work towards completing a goal.
There are numerous versions and designs available for those looking to start a big colouring-in project.


With our outdoor routines strictly limited, many of our colleagues are finding ways to still get their 10,000 steps a day in. Whether getting up early for daily yoga or doing exercises at home, we’re fortunate that YouTube has a range of self-help videos available on the matter.

As well as being good for the body, exercise raises your endorphins – which ultimately, is good for your mental health.

Maintain social contact

Before the internet, social-distancing would definitely mean isolation. However, with various forms of contact available to us, there’s no excuse for not communicating with our loved ones and friends.

Sharing concerns about the crisis is one way to better deal with it. A problem shared is a problem halved after all. However, to avoid running out of conversation topics (something which is very easy to do during this period of isolation), you can use video chat to play games together.

One of our colleagues reported paying charades with a group of people one night.

Limit news exposure

Although it’s important to keep informed as to updates with the coronavirus crisis, make sure to limit the amount of news you’re exposed to. With a lot of sad reports out there, it’s very easy to obsess about the state of the world.

However, the coronavirus crisis will eventually pass. Limiting your exposure to the negative updates should help preserve your mental health.

Catch up on your tasks

This period of isolation is also an opportunity. You can use it to catch up on any jobs or tasks around the home which need completing. One of those could be sorting your finances now so you’re in a better position when life returns to normal.

We’re still open during the pandemic and we’re here to provide you with debt consolidation advice should you need it. Just click on the button below and we can get your application started: