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Can You Save Money by Going Vegan?

Going vegan could be good value for money. Here we explain how switching diet could affect the bottom line.

Although you could potentially save money by going vegan, there are better ways to cut your costs. For example, you could save money each month through a consolidation loan.

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If you’re trying to save money, you’ve probably tried just about everything to cut your costs. However, have you considered reducing your grocery bills by switching to veganism? Perhaps one of the UK’s fastest-growing movements, it’s estimated there are around 600,000 vegans across the UK. This lifestyle involves giving up all animal-based products and switching instead to goods created through plants.

Some switch because of climate or animal-related reasons. However, some choose a vegan diet because they believe it’ll be better for their finances. Let’s see if there’s some truth to that.

If you’re eating meat at the moment…

A study published on the BBC website reveals that meat-eaters who switch to veganism can save about £21 per month on their grocery bills. It’s believed this is due to removing protein (through meat and cheese) from the diet. After all, it’s one of the most expensive components in food. In this case, getting protein from other means might be beneficial for your wallet.

If you’re a vegetarian at the moment…

If you’re a vegetarian on the other hand, the opposite seems to happen. It’s believed your monthly grocery bill could increase by about £11. The reasons for this are unclear but – as meat has already been cut out of a shopping order – it seems more likely that switching to dairy alternatives could push the cost of groceries up.

Let’s be honest, there are better ways to save money

If you’re switching to veganism because of ethical concerns, those are good reasons. However, if you’re planning on doing so to cut the cost of food shopping, you should rethink your approach. After all, £21 per month isn’t a fortune – and some would argue it’s a high price to pay for giving up meat.

Instead, why not consider getting on top of your finances through a debt solution?

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Tame your finances through a consolidation loan

By switching to veganism, you could save around £20 a month. If you consolidate your debts through a loan though, you can repay your creditors and save money each month. It’s not hard to see which is the better deal.

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