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Could a Greener Earth Save You Money?

Protecting Your Finances

The coronavirus has been devastating for the UK – thousands have died, businesses have closed down, and it looks like we’re in for a very uncertain economic future. Still, if we can take one silver lining from this, it’s the effect the virus has had on the environment.

Many cities across the UK are recording reduced levels of air pollution while many in urban locations are hearing birdsong in their neighbourhoods; something which had previously been drowned out by the sound of traffic.

Understandably, many want to find the right balance between a greener world and a functioning economy when life returns to normal. Still, if we can keep a few lockdown lessons in place when coronavirus is no longer a problem, not only could we have a more environmentally-friendly planet but you could be financially better-off as well.

How has coronavirus helped the environment?

As well as many locations registering improvements in air quality, the UK has also seen cleaner water while wildflowers are expected to bloom in record numbers. Furthermore, nature has returned to reclaim many of the areas left behind by us – just ask the residents of Llandudno who are currently having to deal with herds of mountain goats.

Internationally, China is recording around a 25% per cent decline in carbon emissions. In Northern India, the improved air quality means that many residents can now see the Himalayas from their homes for the first time.

Other countries are reporting similar results due to coronavirus which suggests, hopefully, we might move to a greener world when the pandemic is over.

If that sounds like a good idea to you, then there are a few lessons you can take from the pandemic which both the environment and your wallet could benefit from:

Can you do your job at home?

If you’ve been working from home since the pandemic started, you’re probably already sick of staying indoors. Still, if you’ve proven you can do your job there, then are you really needed in the office? This may have already been quite profitable already. Not only are you probably saving money on commuting costs but you’re likely no longer spending cash on your lunch breaks.

If you can continue this trend then the financial benefits are evident. However, if you can cut down on transport then this has a great environmental effect as well. Wondering if you’ll be the only one? A survey from the AA found around a fifth of motorists will use their cars less when the pandemic is over – with many choosing to work from home more instead.

Can you cycle instead of using public transport?

Social distancing looks like it’s going to be the norm for quite some time. As a result, the idea of getting on public transport seems an unlikely one. Bearing this in mind, the same report also revealed that more than a third intended to cycle or travel by foot more once the restrictions were lifted.

Although there are costs around getting a bike and the accompanying equipment, the money you could save through commuting costs could be worth it.

Have you considered a house move?

Living in cities often has its downsides. There’s the noise, the cost, and the air quality usually isn’t great. Still, if you no longer need to live near your workplace – and can work from home instead – have you considered a move to the country?

The house prices are usually less and your budget generally lasts more there. Furthermore, you won’t need to do a commute.

We want to help you prepare for the future

With anything related to the coronavirus, the outcome is very uncertain. Still, if you like the idea of a greener world – and want to sort your finances beforehand – we’re here to help you make this dream a reality.

With a debt consolidation loan, you could resolve debts with your creditors and leave yourself making just one payment a month.

To find out more information, get in touch today. We’re still open during the pandemic and ready to answer any queries you might have.