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A living room decorated in a festive way for Christmas.

5 Fun, Free Things to do on Boxing Day

Let’s be honest, by the time it gets to Boxing Day we’ve all usually spent well over our monthly budget, because it’s Christmas after all! However, as the New Year draws close the monthly bills become increasingly unavoidable. So, there’s no need to make things more difficult for yourself by making excessive purchases in the Boxing Day sales. Besides, who really wants to spend the day after Christmas, with a prosecco and turkey hangover, waiting in outrageously long checkout queues?

In years to come, you’re far more likely to remember those special Boxing Days spent with your family and friends than those spent being herded around busy shops. So, here are some ideas for fun alternative activities on a budge.

A living room decorated in a festive way for Christmas.

01. Have a festive film day

If Christmas has zapped all your energy, then why not take the opportunity on Boxing Day to cosy up on the sofa with some mince pies and watch your favourite festive films? This way the kids can play with their new toys whilst you polish off the last of the mulled wine! It’s not too late to sneak in one last Elf viewing for that last bit of festive cheer.

02. Kick back for Kick-off

If movies aren’t really your thing, but you’re a big footy fan then there’s no doubt that you’ll be looking forward to the Boxing Day match schedule. So, instead of going out to a packed pub, why not invite your friends and family round for an at-home viewing without the pricey pints? This way you can still enjoy the buzzing atmosphere and get everyone to bring round their Christmas leftovers.

03. Organise a big winter walk

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a way to wake up from the food coma then some fresh air on a brisk walk could do just the job. You could even make up a scavenger hunt to keep the little ones occupied whilst you catch up on Christmas Day gossip.

04. Enjoy a stunning light display

There are lots of National Trust Parks and local Farms putting up spectacular Christmas light displays for visitors to enjoy free of charge. This is a great way to make a Boxing Day walk that bit more exciting. Otherwise, if there isn’t one available to you locally, then go on a drive around your local neighbourhood hunting down the best Christmas lights before people start to take them down for the year.

05. Dust off the bikes for Boxing Day

If the little ones are simply refusing to walk then a bike ride is usually a good way to limit the moaning, especially if Santa has given them a shiny new one for Christmas. Alternatively, if you don’t have your own, you could always ask friends and family to borrow them for the day or rent them for a lower cost.

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Struggling with debt?

Overall, there are many ways to spend Boxing Day having wholesome family fun without causing yourself financial stress further down the line. Nobody wants to start a New Year worrying about their finances. So, if you’re struggling with debt then don’t put it off any longer. Get in touch today to see if you’re eligible for a consolidation loan to help consolidate your debts into one affordable monthly sum and start 2022 feeling good about your finances.

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