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This page was last updated on 28 May 2020.

With the coronavirus changing our lives and keeping us indoors, we’ve scoured the internet to find some of the latest deals and offers which could save you some cash – and hopefully keep you entertained during isolation.  

Of course, terms and conditions apply for everything we’ve found here!

Spotted anything you think should be in this list? Drop us a line and let us know.

Deals for NHS staff

Although we’re doing our bit for society and staying home, NHS workers are putting their very lives on the line containing the spread of coronavirus. They deserve endless praise and support for their efforts.  

Showing their thanks to healthcare professionals, several organisations are providing discounts during these difficult times. Here are some of the offers we found:

LEON are still offering 50% off food to all NHS workers

This healthy fast-food chain has begun to reopen many of its stores as it adapts to serving during a pandemic. They are one of the few restaurants still offering a generous 50% discount for all NHS staff workers. Some of their restaurants have turned into mini supermarkets which are selling ready meals, sauces, and meats which customers can eat at home.

This offer lasts until the end of May or until all vouchers have been claimed.

30% off at Mindful Chef

This food box company is offering a permanent 30% off to all NHS staff during the pandemic. Its meals include hearty chilli con carnes and veggie dahls. With endorsements from Andy Murray and Victoria Pendleton CBE- it’s got to be both delicious and nutritious. To get the discount all you have to do is place an order at, then email from your NHS email address along with your order number (found in the top right of the order confirmation email).

Greggs offering free hot drinks

As the number of Greggs continue to reopen, their free hot drinks for all NHS staff service is still running. Just show your work pass when paying and you’ll be eligible for the freebie!

Joules- exclusive 20% discount code

If you’ve caught the online shopping bug this lockdown then make some savings with retailers discounts. Joules is offering 20% off all women’s, men’s, and kids clothes in your next online shop for NHS workers. All you have to do is enter your NHS email address at the checkout.

Tuk-In foods is offering 10% off for all key workers 

Tuk-In is a healthy, Indian fast food company which delivers delicious meals nationwide. You can freeze and refrigerate all these to enjoy for dinner or lunch – perfect for those busy key workers who are on the go with no time to cook. There is also free next-day delivery for orders over £25.

Deals for kids

Isolation is hard on all of us but it’s perhaps children who struggle most. With so much energy to use up and nowhere to spend it, it’s very easy for kids to get bored. This is bad for them but arguably worse for parents – just ask anyone currently on lockdown with small children.  

If you’re struggling to keep your children entertained, here are some offers which might prove useful – and give you some peace and quiet for a few minutes.

Disney Plus – Get free access

Disney has launched it’s streaming service with a huge catalogue of Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and – of course – Disney – programmes and films to choose from. The package costs £5.99 a month but you can sign up for a seven-day free trial.

Having an Avengers marathon might just keep children quiet for a bit.

Cards Against Humanity- for kids!

Cards Against Humanity has released a family edition for kids and adults to play together. The new edition is completely free and you can print it off to play at home. The creators, Cards Against Humanity, revealed they have been working on it for over a year in consultation with child development experts and psychologists.

Their plan was to surprise everyone with it later this year but they bought the release date forward so families could be entertained during lockdown.

Amazon unlocks free kids’ TV for all customers

Amazon is offering free streaming for more than 40 children’s TV shows. The shows include some UK favourites such as Peppa Pig, Daniel’s Tiger’s Neighbourhood, and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. Although usually reserved for Prime customers, the shows are now readily available for everyone. If you have ever bought anything from Amazon, then you’ll be eligible. If you haven’t, it’s free to make an account!

Go to the zoo

Although you can’t actually go to the zoo right now, so many of these locations are now offering virtual tours. Chester Zoo, for example, has webcams set up through many of its enclosures.

At the very least, watching some lions should keep your young ones entertained for a bit. They also have over 50 activities you can do online on everything related to animals and conservation.

Entertainment deals

Although staying at home is for the best right now, isolation can become boring after a while. Here are some ideas to hopefully give you some extra things to do:

One free Masterclass lesson per week

Masterclass is a platform which lets you stream thousands of online classes from experts in their field. People such as Gordon Ramsay have shared secret cooking methods while Dan Brown has revealed techniques on how to write a good thriller and build suspenseful stories.

Lockdown is a great time to take up a new hobby, and what better way to do it than learning from the best? Masterclass Live is offering one free streaming class per week. Tune in Wednesdays from 5 pm to 8 pm to see which master you could learn from.

Enjoy a virtual pub quiz

Several pubs across the nation are now running quizzes online. It’s worth checking in with your usual haunt to see if they are doing anything. However, there are also virtual pub quizzes on YouTube.

Although there are usually no prizes available, taking a break and answering some trivia can provide a welcome change of pace.

Readly – Get free magazines

Readly, a magazine streaming platform, is offering one month free on its subscription platform. With access to thousands of magazines, from fitness titles to technology updates, there is something here for everyone.

You can find out more information through their website.

Travel the world

Similar to visiting the zoo, this isn’t actually something you can do in person. However, whether you’ve wanted to take a tour of Machu Picchu or stroll through Yellowstone National Park, you can take advantage of the lockdown to see the world from the comfort of your living room.

BBC iPlayer – New content added

The BBC has added several new box sets to iPlayer. If you have a TV licence, this is all content which can be accessed for free. From recent shows to classics such as Spooks and French & Saunders, there is a wealth of content for you to get your teeth stuck into!

NextUp – Enjoy free standup comedy

NextUp is a streaming comedy service with access to a range of comic performances – from famous household names to rising stars, there’s an almost unlimited supply of performances to tune in to. You can sign up for a free trial here.  

Let’s face it, in these times, we could all use a good laugh.

Free streaming from the National Theatre’s YouTube Channel

Sadly, for the theatre industry it is difficult to see how and when their doors will re-open in the UK. However, if you enjoyed the theatrics pre-pandemic then don’t fear, the industry has adapted by streaming their performances on their YouTube channel and they are all free!

Other deals

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to keep you busy during the coronavirus crisis, we’ve found some great offers below. From taking care of your mental health to learning a new language, they should at least serve as some inspiration.

Calm and Headspace – Free meditation

Calm and Headspace are two very popular meditation apps but usually cost between £50 and £60 for the year. However, both are providing free content during this time. Subscribers to Headspace will get 1,200 hours of meditation and mindfulness all the way through until 31st December 2020! Just subscribe with your NHS email. 

Let’s face it, coronavirus is stressful so anything to help our mental health should be encouraged.  

Whether seeking meditation, sleep assistance, or perhaps a few exercises, you should be able to find what you need here.

Peloton – Free trial

Peloton is generally known for its connected exercise bikes and classes. However, the company is now offering a 30-day free trial of its app during the pandemic. You can stay active from home as well as take part in studio-style yoga and cardio sessions.

Open university – Take a free course

With many of us furloughed or with extra time on our hands, now could be the ideal time to learn a new skill. Through their ‘Open Learn’ project, you can access almost 1,000 free courses from the Open University.

Whether wanting to learn a language or brush up on finance, there is probably something here to interest just about anyone.

Something you think we should have covered?

We’ll keep updating this page every so often. As a result, if you think we should include something new, get in touch and let us know. In the meantime, we hope these offers provide you with something new to do during this pandemic.

Eventually, coronavirus will be a thing of the past but – for now – even small things can help to make the pandemic just a touch more bearable.