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The Top 25 Skills All Dads Should Have

Do you consider yourself a modern dad? With technology rapidly changing the world, the job description for fathers seems to have changed along with it – with many now apparently expected to be active on social media and know the words to their child’s favourite songs.

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In a survey commissioned by a men’s stylist firm, researchers polled 1,200 fathers to determine the skills which every modern dad should have. We’ve included the top 25 below. How many do you possess?

  • Being able to cook meals;
  • Giving their child the best environment for a good education;
  • Guiding their kid through university/college;
  • Correctly setting up a Wi-Fi connection and an account on Netflix;
  • Assembling flatpack furniture and being able to paint a house;
  • Updating computers and setting up games consoles;
  • Teaching their child about technology;
  • Advising their kid about relationships;
  • If they have a son, teaching him how to shave;
  • Lighting the BBQ;
  • Feeding a baby at night;
  • Taking their child to school;
  • Untying challenging knots;
  • Being good at telling bad jokes;
  • Able to take good photographs and videos;
  • If their child’s favourite toy breaks, being able to replace it;
  • Good at playing ‘make believe’;
  • Setting up parental controls on technology;
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest gadget releases;
  • Providing the deposit to their child’s first home;
  • Knowing the words to popular songs in the charts;
  • Knowing how to braid hair;
  • Keeping active on social media and knowing the newest slang;
  • Being knowledgeable on the latest fashions;
  • Helping their child set up a YouTube channel.

How many did you have?

It seems fathers have to be a lot more technology-savvy than their predecessors, needing to know how to set up the latest games console for example. However, some traditions maintain – such as taking their kid to school or having that talk.

Still, one thing which isn’t spoken of here is the cost of all this. Being able to replace a loved toy is one thing, affording the latest computer is quite another. This can be challenging for anybody but can be even more difficult if you’re struggling with debts.

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An image of a hand pressing an apply button on a mobile phone screen.

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