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Protecting Your Finances

How to Get Out of Your Overdraft

Are you living in your overdraft? Find out how to get out of it and the ways that Consolidation Express can help.

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Protecting Your Finances

Money and a calendar with missed payments.
A shield protecting a computer, and a magnifying glass.
A man looking at his increasing utility bills.
An image of a shopping basket on a mobile phone screen
A woman looking at her different debt types.
A worried guy living in overdraft.
An illustration of a watering can, watering trees all over the world.
A broken piggy bank with plasters on, and a downwards arrow.
An image of 5 boxes that each contain a different icon ascending towards a target board
An image of a mobile showing texts demanding money, a credit card, and a TV playing The Tinder Swindler.
An image of a home office and pound coins.
A calculator, invoices, credit cards and shopping bags.
A sofa behind a table with two coffees on it.
Alarming invoices with red flags next to them.
A park bench with two coffees and a bird on it.
A tree with money growing from it.
An image of discount vouchers and a trolley full of food.
A personal fire, fireworks and picnic on bonfire night.
An empty desk next to a window in an office.
An empty desk in an office next to personal belongings.
Halloween-themed cake, sweets and drinks on a table.
An image of a road with Squid Game icons on one side and a piggy bank on the other
A seating and play area in the park at Autumn time.
A bag, plant pot, and wine bottle used for recycled purposes
An icon of a gas and electricity bill with a magnifying glass.
An image of a shopping cart, shopping bags, and a mobile phone screen with a
An image of pound coins and a gift box with a moustache on it
An image of a balance scale with debt of one side and employment on the other.
An image of a coins on a balance scale with one side labelled good and one side labelled bad.
An image of a WI-FI icon above a broadband box.
An image of party bunting, confetti and a fire with the words Happy New Year
An image of a wrecking ball labelled Black Friday swinging towards a Christmas tree
An image of bunting and pumpkins with the words Happy Halloween
An image of vegetables holding hands and waving a flag that says save money go vegan
An image of calculator with the word debt written on the screen
An image of a plant with a pound sign on the pot and a cross
An image of a child's bedroom
An image of a sofa, laptop and pound coin
An image of 4 coin stacks accending towards a target board.
An image of gym equipment, a laptop, a sofa, music speakers and plants
An image of a mountain peak with a flag on at the top.
An image of a piggy bank surrounded by money bags and pound coins.
An image of headphones and musical notes
An image of sunshine, inflatable pool toys and palm trees
An image of party bunting and a trophy labelled with the British flag and a pound sign
An image of the grim reaper looking down at a pile of pound coins
An image of money going into a piggy bank
An image of a computer screen with pound signs on it and a thumbs down icon
An image of hands holding a love heart that contains a pound sign
An image of a house, credit cards and a graduation cap
An image of a gift box with the word mum written on it
An image of sharks in water surrounding a boat of money
An image of a car that has crashed into a lamp post
An image of a magnet attracting money and the word Bailiff
An illustration of a clipboard and a calculator
An image of a love heart with a pound sign in it and the words valentines day costs
An image of a piece of paper labelled a CCJ
An image of a question mark under an umbrella in the rain with the words blue Monday
An image of ascending podiums. The tallest has a trophy on it and a target board behind it
An image of a mobile phone screen with a warning sign on it and the words watch out